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The law on towbars and motorhomes has changed. Any towbar fitted to a motorhome first registered on or after April 1, 2012 must be EC type approved for use on that vehicle. We are now able to offer the very best European-made type approved towbars. These will fit any relevant Al-Ko chassis motorhome as well as those with Al-Ko chassis extensions. We are also happy to fit original and genuine type approved British Witter towbars to the Elddis Autoquest, Compass Avantgarde and Elddis Aspire ranges. These motorhomes came under type approval rules in 2008, 2009 and 2010, respectively. Please click here to see the Witter towbar in place.

And, we can also supply EC approved chassis extensions for Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, Iveco camper chassis and the Fiat/Peugeot/Citroen group of motorhome chassis that have not been fitted with Al-Ko extensions. Please click here for prices and further information.

If you are looking for protection and don't want to tow, we can make and fit an under run bumper to virtually any motorhome, regardless of when it was registered. These are available with stainless steel cover or painted white or grey. Prices start at £360 inc vat.

We are, of course, continuing to offer our usual extensive range of bespoke towbars for vehicles registered before April 1, 2012

Armitage's have more than 25 years experience of designing and fabricating towbars for virtually every kind of motorhome on the road.

Feedback from our customers tells us that the addition of a motorhome towbar really has given their motorhome a new dimension. Many use the towbar to pull small trailers or cars converted by Armitage’s for A-Frame towing and a sizeable proportion use the towbar as a platform for our very popular scooter/motorcycle rack. With an ever growing number of motorhomers finding that an Armitage motorhome towbar is ideal to take along a car or motorbike.

It’s not always just a mini-sized runabout that our customers tow. Among our recent towbar customers are those taking two-seater sports cars to help them explore France and Spain, speed enthusiasts towing racing cars in comfort and born-again bikers taking their Harley-Davidsons and Honda Goldwings along to where the real riding begins.

Most of our customers (except those that need type approved towbars) ask for tow bars with a full-width under run bumper bar, made of galvanised 80mm x 40mm box steel. They like the protection our bar gives to their motorhomes against low-speed car park shunts or bollards that leap out of nowhere! It is available in galvanised finish, painted grey, black or clad in a stainless steel wrap-round at no extra cost to match the motorhome. Painting a towbar white is quite a task and adds £60 to the cost, adds up to two hours to the job and can not guarantee a white colour match.

Designing and fabricating a motorhome towbar usually means we need to have your vehicle here at Ferrybridge for 4 to 8 hours. In very rare circumstances (one or two vehicles a year) there may be an overnight stay to complete the tow bar the next morning.

All our wiring is routed internally, out of the way of dirt, wet and corrosive salt. We do not use Scotchlocks. Instead, we solder all joints the traditional way so that we avoid the danger of problems being caused by damp or the possibility of a bad connection causing damage that would lead to major re-wiring being needed in years to come. All 2007-on vehicles have a multiplex relay included in the towing wiring to protect the host vehicle's very costly on board computer.

For that really distinctive look we now offer the no-extra-cost option of  a stainless steel, mirror finish, full width cover for the straight tow bar. It's a real eye catcher and needs nothing more than a wipe over to maintain its good looks. Click on the FJ05 motorhome, below right, to see a gallery.

We can also offer towbars with central built in steps, detachable towbars & under-run towbars that are stepped up or stepped out add £ 50.00 + vat (£60) to the relevant price category.

Versions with a full width step add £100.00 + vat (£120).

Click on the pic to see an array of towbars with

our stainless steel cover.

New 2006 onwards Mercedes, Fiat, Citroen & Peugeot based motorhomes have multiplexed Cambus electrics which require delicate handling. Instead of  simply pulling 12v power from the vehicle’s wiring harness in the time-honoured method, it is vital that we use a special bypass relay to “read” micro-current signals and then feed 12v power direct from a safe source to each light bulb or LED. If we don’t fit the relay, the cost would be irreparable damage to the very costly on board computer. No relays or wires connected under the vehicle all internally out of waters way.

 Many recent Ford Transit-based motorhomes leave the factory with towing wiring already in place.

All our towbars are fitted as standard with British 7 pin power sockets.  Pre-wired Transits follow the Continental wiring system and have 13 pins. The price for Transits includes the cost of a 13 pin to 7 pin adaptor.

As you can see from the picture above,

Armitage's motorhome towbars can be the last word in versatility.

Because we make each motorhome towbar individually, we can include ideas like this customer's project. He wanted a big utility box with no hole-drilling and to be able to use his towbar for its original purpose.

If you don't actually want to tow but just want a protective bumper across the back of the motorhome (these GRP rear panel mouldings can cost enough to make your eyes water) then we would be happy to make a bar without the towabilty functions. Just look at the towbar only column below for prices.

Bespoke Creations

We like to pride ourselves on the ability to bespoke make products which incorperate the customer's ideas and needs.

Pictured above is an Elddis towbar with additional stainless underun frame & Omnistar carry box.