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We have more than 20 years experience of designing and fabricating towbars for virtually every kind of motorhome on the road. Feedback from our customers tells us that the addition of a towbar really has given their motorhome a new dimension. Many use the towbar to pull small trailers, a sizeable proportion use the towbar as a platform for our very popular scooter rack but an ever growing number of motorhomers find that an Armitage towbar is ideal to take along a car or motorbike.

And it's not always just a mini-sized runabout. Among our recent towbar customers are those taking two-seater sports cars to help them explore France and Spain, speed enthusiasts towing racing cars in comfort and born-again bikers taking their Harley-Davidsons and Honda Goldwings along to where the real riding begins.

Most of our customers ask for towbars with a full-width underrun bar, made of galvanised 80mm x 40mm box steel. They like the protection our bar gives to their motorhomes against low-speed car park shunts or bollards that leap out of nowhere! This is a no-cost option and can be specified as an alternative to the flush-fitting bar. It is available in galvanised finish or painted white, grey or black to match the motorhome, or with a brand new Stainless Steel cover.

Click on the image to see the towbars that we fitted to this foursome.

Designing and fabricating a towbar for your motor home usually means we need to have your vehicle here at Ferrybridge for 4 - 8 hours. In very rare circumstances there may be an overnight stay to complete the towbar the next morning.

Basic Alko chassis motorhome towbars ( without the under run bumper & not suitable for motorbike racks; for towing use only ) are £ 300.00 + vat.

Our heavy duty motorhome towbars are priced between £ 350.00 - £500.00 + vat

Pricing structure as follows :

Motorhomes built on Alko chassis, most Hymers and chassis that come right to the rear of the vehicle ( will take Scooter racks if required ) are charged at £ 350.00 + vat.

A towbar for a motorhome built on the donor vehicle's original ladder chassis, but with a strong chassis extension at the rear costs 400.00 + vat

Fabricating a motorhome towbar for a vehilce with a weak chassis extension, perhaps made of 1" box section or angle iron structures that require re - inforcing = £ 450.00 + vat

In very rare circumstances when there is a large overhang and either no chassis extension or just a pressed steel wedge screwed to the motorhome floor it would be necessary to build a chassis extension first. Only then can we fabricate the towbar. This version costs £500.00 + vat

All step versions, Detachable & stepped up or out under-runs add £ 50.00 + vat to the above relevant price category.

Full length step versions add £100.00 + vat

New 2006 onwards Mercedes, Fiat, Citreon & Peugeot based motorhomes have Multiplexed Cambus electrics and under no circumstances should the towbar electrics be soldered or Scotchlocked into the vehicle's wiring harness underneath as this will damage the on board computer. To keep things shipshape we fit a bypass relay to protect the computer at £75 plus vat.

Other unusual designs & requests P.O.A.

A towbar shaped to hug the rear of the

motorhome and colour coded.

Under-run stepped out to shape the rear end of  this Compass Calypso

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A towbar stepped out to suit light pods

( Click to see side view )

A chamfered bar with chequerplate infil

Full width Step

It is simplicity itself to further increase the versatility of your motorhome by adding one of our scooter/motorbike racks. The aluminium chequer plate rack & ramp will carry most Scooters, motorcycle & enduro-style bikes safely up to 170 kg. The standard version comes with plastic lighting board and costs £ 300.00 + vat as shown below. PLEASE NOTE. All scooter racks need to be mounted on a towbar that has sufficient download capability to cope with the weight of the rack AND the scooter. Vitally, you must look at the facts and figures in the owner's handbook to make sure the motorhome has enough spare capacity to carry its extra burden.  If  you're not sure whether your motorhome has the spare rear axle capacity to carry a scooter, just e-mail us ( and we will send you a Microsoft Excel ready reckoner to work out the answer.

     170kg Scooter on Standard Scooter rack

                 Click to enlarge

   250cc Aprilla on standard Scooter Rack

By far the most popular is the deluxe scooter rack which has commercial-grade, rubber backed lights set in a alluminium chequer plate protective channel just like the one installed below. It costs £400.00 + vat. We can supply you with a GB badge number plate for either rack for £10.99 (£9.55 plus vat), if you order it when booking and bring along your driving licence and log book on the day.

A rather sprightly Yamaha Majesty on our   Deluxe lighting Rack

                           Click to enlarge

A KTM Duke 690 on a Neismann Bischoff.

What a stunner!

This is our bolt-on, adaptor plate scooter rack. It is suitable for existing motorhome towbars (IF they are strong enough). This picture shows the unit disassembled, ready to be posted out. The cost? £325 plus vat (inc £25 p and p) with standard lighting or £425 (inc p and p) for the de luxe lighting system.. Please note; its maximum load is 120kg. Please click on the image for a readable version.


Click above to see our stainless steel under run bar cover

We fit towbars to top panel van conversions as well as to coach built models

80 x 40 Box Standard Under-run Towbar

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Swift with standard Under-run towbar

80 x 80 Box section Under-run style, by special request.

Stepped up Under-run Towbar

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Stepped up Galvanized Under-run Towbar

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Autocruise Starburst c/w motorcycle rack provisions

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Under-run c/w motorcycle rack provisions

Standard Under-run towbar c/w Scooter / Motorbike rack provisions

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Standard Galvanized Under-run Towbar

Detachable style Towbar

Click to see it detached

Detachable Style on a rear door model

Click to see detached

Standard Flange Towbar

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Standard Black Flange Towbar

Large step manufacured to maximum 60% of wheel base

Step style Towbar

Step Style Under-run Towbar

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Bessacar c/w deluxe Motorcycle / Scooter  Rack fitted

                  Click to enlarge

Standard Slot in Aluminium Mobility Scooter Platform, £250 using your own ramp  or £ 400 with 5ft long loading ramp as shown below.  There is no VAT if you are registered as disabled.

The picture to the left shows our motorbike / scooter rack attachment. This includes a loading ramp that clips easily to the rack.

The seat clamp system makes it easy for one person to load and fasten the scooter / Motorcycle and means you are not relying on front wheel straps alone to secure your motorbike.

Low angle loading with our 5ft ramp

Aluminium Scooter / Motorbike Rack

                Click to enlarge

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